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August 2009



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Aug. 23rd, 2009

I dont care too much for money, but money cant buy me lovee!

Why helloooooo!
well recent times have been a bit crappy, but were pulling through.
One of my best friends grand dads died before the holidays which meant she was i the phillipenes for a month, and then a few weeks ago my other best friends dad got sent to adelaide hospital from KI because of a 'middle ear infection' which turned out to be a cancerous tumour.
Being the kind of person i am, these things upset me alot and i wasnt very happy for a while! But its all okay now, apart from Chris who is getting worse every day.
As weirder time it is to start thinking about such things, my friends want me to ask out one of their friends, who is 18 and still afraid of girls (but he is still cute ;) ) except im still too shy to do it haha
One of my best friends asked out the guy she liked with my help and was succesful, so you never know!
Onto a more positive note:

which is quite the achievement seeing as im extremely short and so is she :P
And I got my hair cut yesterday and have my fringe back, I have red hair and its alot shorter than it was for a long time.
annd I went bra shopping today and got lots of nice new bras which made me happy :)
Any who.
Im starting hte 40 hour famine at 9pm this evening and im doing no food and no furniture! I have to sleep on the floor.. it will be.. interesting!

But im gonna go play more computer games instead of doing homework :)
Heres a picture.

May. 25th, 2009

black and blue

We all deal with it in different ways - some excersize in obsessive amounts; some eat too much; some dont eat enough; some study harder, or dont study at all; some change their image, their lifestyle, their scenery; some go shopping for retail therapy; some soak themselves in a good book; yet you never quiite get used to rejection.
The only problem is that this time i actually thought i stood a chance, it was pretty stupid of me.
It was stupid of my friends to rally me on- oh well, now they have to put up with me being a sourpuss for the next few days.
I just wish there was someone out there for me. I'm only 15 and i carry worries that atleast a 30 year old has.

We live in a world of love triangles. And they are all fucked up - nothing different with mine.
She likes him, he doesnt like her, his best friend likes her, she doesnt like him. It's fucked

I just watched angus thongs and perfect snogging. Who knew you could cry at a happy ending?
Made me think.. what are 5 good things about my life? What are 5 bad things?
Five good things...
-I have a nice family
-I have nice friends
-I go to a good school
-I have a job
-I have a well trained dog... ?

Five bad things...
-I havent ever been in a good relationship
-I dont have a best friend; the only one i have is unreliable and I sometimes wonder if she even likes me
-Im not a big fan of my boss, or my job, I dont like having to go in to work
-I have the WORST body;Im short, pudgyish and kinda pale
-I have no brothers and sisters - i have no close by friends, if im not working or at school then i mostly stay at home
-I just got rejected by the guy i like
-I keep getting shit loads of homework and I never have any 'me' time
-The only thing that makes me different to the next minga is that I have a few piercings here and there
-My only family in my city is my mum and dad
-I love england and my family and friends there, I constantly miss them - its not fun
-I dont have nice clothes, i dont like my clothes

oh whoops. Thats a tad more that 5 oh well - you can see how i feel at the moment!

In summary
The worlds an odd place. nothing is perfect, no one is perfect. you cant always get what you want. honesty is always the best thing and SOMETIMES YOU JUST NEED A GOD OL CRY!

May. 7th, 2009

Life has to end, Love doesnt

holy frick it has been a while, i forgot about this, but its good i found it now coz i need to write crap lol.
well quick summary of my life since i last wrote (what i remember)...
I turned 15, i got my belly pierced, i had my party,I went to big day out, i had my soul crushed a little, only to find it recovered as soon as a started my new school and met somone else very special, I got a job, I settled in at my new school and made heaps of friends, I went to womad, I had my first kiss, I had a crush on this guy who went out with someone else, I had my spirit crushed again for a while, I got happy again, I made more friends, I settled in at my job, I bought a laptop!! (YAY), I became completely and utterly obsessed withh scrubs, I bought 5 seasons of scrubs, I got my ears peorced again 3 times, I bought a new nose stud, I disliked soem people,, liked some others, read a great book and learned some great lessons.
and there you go.
Well today was rather itnersting, I had school, as it is ofcourse a thursday. First off I woke up a bit later thanusual and had my morning ritual of standing in my dressing room staring at nothing in particular trying to organise my day and my clothes. I got ready and then unpacked my bag to make it light and easy to take to the museum. I went to school and handed in some work. I had my Uni study first with one of my new friends christine and we got to pig out on chocolate and watch italian singers on youtube for 100 minutes :D I had recess and bought a bus ticket and then we all walked to to the train station to go to the museum. Me and christine were on a sugar high from all the chocolate and were singing and being idiots the whole way to the city, we went to the museum which was sooo boring and at our lunch time I dragged Prakash into the city with me to get food, but peter followed us and i really dont like him, so in the food court i ditched them and went back to the museum. me and christine left and went to the mall where I tried to find some nice jeans, but ended up depressing myself by nt even fitting into size14s and thinking I was fat lol. Christine left and I sat outside maccas reading a book until my french class.
After my french class I came home, but in the car my parents told me they are going to tasmania when i go on school camp, and I really want to go to tasmania, and then my dad said something that wasnt even mean, but i started crying (WEIRDO) and when i got home i practically had a breakdown with stress of assignments, lonliness and self esteem. But after chatting to some people and them cheering me up immensly :), I was happy again.
But onto a more positive note, I finished an assignment tonight and i finished reading my book which is really good!!
Im still quite confused about boys and life but oh well, it will sort itself out.
For now, I am going to watch a couple of episodes of scrubs and then go to sleep. :)
Heres a funny picture; enjoy

Jan. 7th, 2009

Hey mr.music, you sure sound good to me

Today has actually been quite productive, apart from teh fact that i woke up at 11 am. btu thats okay!
I think i'll start at teh beginning of today because, the beginning is a very good place to start..
just before midnight i realised it was vic's birthdya tomorrow so i thought " should send her a message at midnight!" (bright idea i know) So guess what i did...
sent her a message as soon as it was midnight!
but yes,
after that, i started to feel very energetic, so i started to do sit ups and puch ups and all that kinda stuff, and tahts very good, because its holidays and im slowly losing fitness!
but after that, i decided to have a shower,and then i went to bed.. but got bored so watched ferris buellers day off, which i hadnt seen before. it was a good movie!
so by the time that finished it was about 2.30, and i went to sleep.

so at about 11, i woke up and sat with my dog for a bit, and she went spastic runing around n circles and such. so i calmed her down and got dressed. i had breakfast ( a yogo) and then set to work cleaning out my old room. i managed to get 3 shelves cleaned out completely and then dad got home so we had lunch then i got ready to go to karas.
At karas we played Mario Cart on Wii and did bugger all and then i had to go, so when i came home, i started cleaning out my room again..
at about 7.30 i stopped and had dinner and when i went to feed the dog i realised.. i couldnt find her ANYWHERE!.. so i went searching and started freaking out when she didnt respond.. but then dad said "why dont you try the shed?" and he had accidentally locked her in there!! but yeah. then i did pretty much nothing till now.. sooo yeah
onto more exciting news..
so thats  preeeeetty cool =DDDDDD

heres another picture for my adoring fans *cough cough*

Jan. 6th, 2009

Welcome Shelley =]

Welll. I am in the middle of moving all my stuff from ym old room to my new room and at the same time throwing out and giving away stuff i dont want.. but then i came across some little notebooks from years ago and decided to read through them. While looking at a little note book from a show i did when i was ten, i found all the details of the friends i had made in the show, there was this one girl, at the time she was 19 and she looked after me always. She took me to the shops to get lunch and it was the first time i had really been anywhere without my mum! So, When i was looking at her details i saw that she had a website on this site.. So i decieded to look it up just incase it was still in use because, i havent seen this girl since i was eleven! And guess what, it is still in use, so i pretty much made this just so i could contact her!
So yeahhh. I got bored of cleaning out my room and made it!
Well anyway.. what have i been doing today?
I woke up at about quarter past 11 after only being able to fall asleep at about 2.30 this morning. I made myself some breakfast and then got to sorting out the books in my bookshelf so i could move it to my new room. I found lots of books that i had forgotten about, it was great!
So when dad came inside, he helped me move it to my new room and decide where to put it and now i have a nice bookshelf in my rom! it makes it look really nice, im pretty happy with it! So i got to move alot of books that i had in my little cupboard into my bookshelf and now my room looks less messy, which is always good when my mum comes in haha.
at the moment i am listening to Lowriders Newest album, Diamond amongst the thieves and thinking that i really havent done much today.
This weekend its my birthday and im pretty excited coz im turning 15! Im having a little get together with some of my friends and i only have to hear back from three more people! I dont really know what were going to be doing though, as it is really an inbetween age of little kiddy games and alcohol parties with loud music and all that. so, im hoping lots of energy drinks will make us come up with some great ideas coz i have no idea what so ever haha. Hopefully in the morning on saturday my friend abby is taking me to go get my belly button pierced, and she is going to pay for it as a birthday present!!
ovr last weekend, i went to town 3 times, in four days that is, so friday - monday, and im kinda sick of town because it is really quiiite boring. soo, im going to have to find new places to go with friends...
Ive only got three weeks left of holidays left now before i start my new school, the australian science and maths school so thats.. interesting haha.
i think ive taken up a pretty big amount of space right now so im going to stop writing..
i'll leave you with a funny picture i found while bored once..
cya later.