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August 2009

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Welcome Shelley =]

Welll. I am in the middle of moving all my stuff from ym old room to my new room and at the same time throwing out and giving away stuff i dont want.. but then i came across some little notebooks from years ago and decided to read through them. While looking at a little note book from a show i did when i was ten, i found all the details of the friends i had made in the show, there was this one girl, at the time she was 19 and she looked after me always. She took me to the shops to get lunch and it was the first time i had really been anywhere without my mum! So, When i was looking at her details i saw that she had a website on this site.. So i decieded to look it up just incase it was still in use because, i havent seen this girl since i was eleven! And guess what, it is still in use, so i pretty much made this just so i could contact her!
So yeahhh. I got bored of cleaning out my room and made it!
Well anyway.. what have i been doing today?
I woke up at about quarter past 11 after only being able to fall asleep at about 2.30 this morning. I made myself some breakfast and then got to sorting out the books in my bookshelf so i could move it to my new room. I found lots of books that i had forgotten about, it was great!
So when dad came inside, he helped me move it to my new room and decide where to put it and now i have a nice bookshelf in my rom! it makes it look really nice, im pretty happy with it! So i got to move alot of books that i had in my little cupboard into my bookshelf and now my room looks less messy, which is always good when my mum comes in haha.
at the moment i am listening to Lowriders Newest album, Diamond amongst the thieves and thinking that i really havent done much today.
This weekend its my birthday and im pretty excited coz im turning 15! Im having a little get together with some of my friends and i only have to hear back from three more people! I dont really know what were going to be doing though, as it is really an inbetween age of little kiddy games and alcohol parties with loud music and all that. so, im hoping lots of energy drinks will make us come up with some great ideas coz i have no idea what so ever haha. Hopefully in the morning on saturday my friend abby is taking me to go get my belly button pierced, and she is going to pay for it as a birthday present!!
ovr last weekend, i went to town 3 times, in four days that is, so friday - monday, and im kinda sick of town because it is really quiiite boring. soo, im going to have to find new places to go with friends...
Ive only got three weeks left of holidays left now before i start my new school, the australian science and maths school so thats.. interesting haha.
i think ive taken up a pretty big amount of space right now so im going to stop writing..
i'll leave you with a funny picture i found while bored once..
cya later.


Hey there, beautiful! It's so good to hear from you. Let me know when you have some free time during your holidays and we can catch up :)
Any time really! next week i think im completely free so we should catch up!
Are you still in touch with anyone still? I saw Diana last year i think, because she found my home number and called me! it was really cool! So now i have her mobile number too so we could catch up with her as well!
what have you been up to? Its been so long!
Im turning 15 on saturday! yay!
lots of love!
Excellent. I'll check my rosters and see when I'm free.

I still talk to Rob, Cara and Annabel fairly often, and am in touch with a few others on Facebook. Rob's moving to London in a few weeks. Cara's been living in Melbourne for the past couple of years, studying dance, and we may be renting a place together over there later this year. Annie's just finished her first year at uni, studying music, and was in Rent last year. Hmm... Jamie's a highschool teacher. Pip's studying theatre tech at AC Arts. Chris has just toured with ADT... Everyone seems to be doing really well.

Me? I would've seen you last in 2004, right? Rob's 18th birthday party at Immy's. I moved to Melbourne to be a Nanny for a while, then came back to Adelaide and worked in the box office for Cirque du Soleil. Moved back to Melbourne again to dance full-time at Dance Factory while I worked as a Nanny in the evenings. Got a second job as a Children's Entertainer (getting paid to dress up as a fairy!!!). Injured my hamstrings and had to leave DF. Took up circus training and bellydancing. Came back to Adelaide for a quick visit, then went to the US for 6 months. Spent 3 months teaching circus at the summer camp I worked at back in 2003, traveled for a while, took some dance classes at the University of New Mexico, then went over to Hawai'i. Lived out in the jungle over there, volunteering at a performing arts centre and helped them build a new performance space. Came back to Adelaide again, had a few trips to Melbourne, Sydney and Tasmania, and started working at a gym. Got a second job as a performer/dance teacher ( http://bellacize.com/team.php#sa ), then started teaching circus.

I've just given notice to my employers and am planning to move back to Melbourne at the end of April for some serious bellydance training. It's all been a bit crazy but I'm having fun :)

How have you been? Still performing? And what subjects are you doing at school this year?
Wow! You've done so much! thats amazing!!
And belly dancing?! woweee thats so coool! and you were a nanny! I remember when i was about 11 or 12 i read a book about nannying and wanted to become one! :)
yeah i remember seeing rob working at tandy in marion once but that was about 3 years ago haha.
Well I've been really good Just been in school and what not. Obviously I graduated from primary school and then started high school at Mitcham Girls but after about a year it started to get a bit on my nerves as a school and i didnt get along at all with my principal and i discovered the Australian Science and Maths School which i actually live about 5 minutes or less away from! So i investigated that and enrolled and I'm starting there in year 10 next year! So next year my subjects pretty much revolve around science and maths and because we are only in year ten there we dont get to choose our subjects (which suckss), so that was the only major downfall of the school!
But apart from school, I moved from my old dance school to Newmet Dance and they are all now my second family! Last year the company turned 35 so we did a double bill and i got to do some fantastic choreography for a pas de deux and after one of the shows we found out that gary stewart (i think) came to see the show and loved it! But after alot of thought and everything, the directors of the company realised they had to change something in their structure so they can get grants from the government so this year we are changing to a full dance company structure and we are going to be doing loads of shows and publicity things so the main group of dancers (which i am in) are going to be pretty much company dancers, so thats really exciting!
Also mum says hello! :)
I'll add you on facebook and see if i can get intouch with people! do rob and annie have facebook?
Oh wow, starting a new school must be exciting. Do you have any friends there?

And you're dancing for Newmet? That's awesome. I did some workshops with them when I was in highschool, and have seen them advertising for dancers for the company. If I were going to be in Adelaide this year I would have loved to have been involved. If you have any shows running before I leave, I'd love to come and watch you dance.

Let your Mum know I say hi :)

I'm friends with about 10 or so people from Something's Comin' on Facebook. once you add me you can look through my friends and add everyone you know.
Yeah I know my best friends sister there in year 12 and my friend molly from mitcham is moving with me and my friend james that i know through some of my primary school friends.
Thats awesome that you did stuff with newmet in highschool! I love them so much! If i find out about any shows we are doing i'll definately let you know!
I'll add them straight away :)
Wow i cant wait to see you again!!