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August 2009

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I dont care too much for money, but money cant buy me lovee!

Why helloooooo!
well recent times have been a bit crappy, but were pulling through.
One of my best friends grand dads died before the holidays which meant she was i the phillipenes for a month, and then a few weeks ago my other best friends dad got sent to adelaide hospital from KI because of a 'middle ear infection' which turned out to be a cancerous tumour.
Being the kind of person i am, these things upset me alot and i wasnt very happy for a while! But its all okay now, apart from Chris who is getting worse every day.
As weirder time it is to start thinking about such things, my friends want me to ask out one of their friends, who is 18 and still afraid of girls (but he is still cute ;) ) except im still too shy to do it haha
One of my best friends asked out the guy she liked with my help and was succesful, so you never know!
Onto a more positive note:

which is quite the achievement seeing as im extremely short and so is she :P
And I got my hair cut yesterday and have my fringe back, I have red hair and its alot shorter than it was for a long time.
annd I went bra shopping today and got lots of nice new bras which made me happy :)
Any who.
Im starting hte 40 hour famine at 9pm this evening and im doing no food and no furniture! I have to sleep on the floor.. it will be.. interesting!

But im gonna go play more computer games instead of doing homework :)
Heres a picture.