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August 2009

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Hey mr.music, you sure sound good to me

Today has actually been quite productive, apart from teh fact that i woke up at 11 am. btu thats okay!
I think i'll start at teh beginning of today because, the beginning is a very good place to start..
just before midnight i realised it was vic's birthdya tomorrow so i thought " should send her a message at midnight!" (bright idea i know) So guess what i did...
sent her a message as soon as it was midnight!
but yes,
after that, i started to feel very energetic, so i started to do sit ups and puch ups and all that kinda stuff, and tahts very good, because its holidays and im slowly losing fitness!
but after that, i decided to have a shower,and then i went to bed.. but got bored so watched ferris buellers day off, which i hadnt seen before. it was a good movie!
so by the time that finished it was about 2.30, and i went to sleep.

so at about 11, i woke up and sat with my dog for a bit, and she went spastic runing around n circles and such. so i calmed her down and got dressed. i had breakfast ( a yogo) and then set to work cleaning out my old room. i managed to get 3 shelves cleaned out completely and then dad got home so we had lunch then i got ready to go to karas.
At karas we played Mario Cart on Wii and did bugger all and then i had to go, so when i came home, i started cleaning out my room again..
at about 7.30 i stopped and had dinner and when i went to feed the dog i realised.. i couldnt find her ANYWHERE!.. so i went searching and started freaking out when she didnt respond.. but then dad said "why dont you try the shed?" and he had accidentally locked her in there!! but yeah. then i did pretty much nothing till now.. sooo yeah
onto more exciting news..
so thats  preeeeetty cool =DDDDDD

heres another picture for my adoring fans *cough cough*